The business style is very popular nowdays and some companies even have their own dress codes for ladies to create necessary looks, gifting you with a confident and classy look. Today we will speak about the basic outfit ideas for modern business women.

1. Office style of a modern lady:

The more stricter you manage to look, the better idea about your professional skills you will be able to create.

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• The touch of classical style, bringing in the black, white, or navy blue tones, with a white shirt or top, and heels of medium height (preferable in black shade).

• For spring or summer you could bring lighter shades such as, beige, light gray, porcelain...The lighter the shade of your suit, the higher its quality must be. In addition, it is not recommended to have more than 3 colours in your outfit.

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• The classic shirt, will never get out of style, always modern and beautiful for business looks.

• Don't be scared to try some dresses on summer days. But always wear stockings, no matter the occasion.

• The clean, neat, ironed and stylish garments are the key for successful combinations.

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2. The main rule when choosing the business style:

If you manage to earn a lot money with business transactions, then appearance and the look is not important. No! The fact is that style is important when it comes to closing the deals, adding more confidence, and if you don't follow proper dress code you will have to face a lot of failures.

3. The suitable hairstyle

The style should be elegant and charming. You can create a ponytail, hair bun or let your hair straight or wavy. Important thing is trying to make your hair naturally beautiful not with some products that are visible, like gels.

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4. Matching the accessories for business outfit

The less is more here. They shouldn't be too bright or catchy, but they should be properly counterbalanced with your combinations. For example, if your outfit is too elegant and ultra-strict you could take massive accessories, like watches, bracelets, and rings, just care about correctly picked proportions.

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Of course other kind of accessories like scarfs, ties, collars, kerchiefs can also suit your combination perfectly.

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As for the choice of bags, care of its size, because oversized bags could mean disorganization and may create wrong impression. So handbags, portfolio bags, sac voyages, satchels are some of the most recommended option.

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If you wear sunglasses or optical glasses, try to match them with your hair shade, while the blondes could experiment with brown shades too.

That is all for today my ladies, stay classy and bossy, until the next time check below some of my articles you may like, and check out my collection...Kisses for all!

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