This is my second article about my favourite characters in Grey's Anatomy. Here are listed some secondary but also some main characters who appeared in less than 100 episodes in the show.

Enjoy! :)))

10. Evelyn Hunt

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It takes a lot of courage and self-reassurance to be waiting for a son who is in a warzone and hoping he will come back. Evelyn is a great example of a caring mother. She has a great mother instict and wants the best for her son Owen.

9. Zola Grey-Shepherd

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I would say Zola is growing up to be apretty wise girl. She will know how to handle things and how to deal with a loss, cause she already lost her dad and Meredith handled that situation with such a grace. Her parents taught her well and when she grows up, she might be an excellent surgeon one day.

8. Louise O'Malley

Image by sára 🖤 שרה IG: @oroszovasara Image by sára 🖤 שרה IG: @oroszovasara
Louise O'Malley was an amazing mother. She never judged her son for doing bad decisions, she just loved him, cause he was her son. She accepted him. As well as Callie. She had such a great relationship with her, even though Callie was not with George for that long time and even after their divorce. Louise was an awesome mamma.

7. Carlos Torres

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Another one of the most amazing parents in this show. He was worried for his daughter first time we met him, but which dad wouldn't be? He brought her up well and all he wanted was that his baby girl would be happy. I know that Callie is a great person because of his love and protection.

6. Dr. Heather Brooks

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I think she was an underrated character. That's why I have her on my list, cause I like underrated characters. She had something which we don't get to know, cause she died too early but her friends did know it and she was important to them. She was remarkable. She did matter.

5. Denny Duquette

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I think this character caught up everyones heart. His big smile, his dedication to live and even great dedication to love is unforgettable. He will always stay in my heart and I will always miss him.

4. Dr. Nathan Riggs

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He was a new refreshement to the storyline. With him came some more drama but also a new love interest for Meredith. I was so glad that he made her laugh again after she lost Derek. Riggs was the right man, he was a romantic but also new what was his obligation.

3. Dr. Teddy Altman

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I didn't like Teddy at first, but later, as I was rewatching the series again, I got it. That she wasn't trying to break Owen and Cristina apart, she was just in love with her best friend and didn't know how to handle it. And as I grow more to understand her I also grow more to adore her. I am so glad she is back in the series again.

2. Dr. Addison Montgomery

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Addison first came to the show as Dereks cheating wife and I thought I wouldn't like her, but more she was on screen more I loved this character. She was funny and she knew how to laugh things off. She sometimes acted like a 15 year old, but which woman doesn't from time to time?

1. Dr. Preston Burke

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Even though he was there only for the first 3 seasons, I had fallen in love with this character and was extremely happy when he appeared again in season 10. He had his drawbacks like lying for a while about the capability of his hand and also having a relationship with an intern was not allowed. But apart from these he was basically an image of perfection. He was always steadfast and has taken responsibility for his actions. Even when he did something that was a misstep, he took it on his shirt.

So this was the list of my top 10 favourite characters which appeared in Grey's Anatomy under 100 episodes.
I may do other articles concerning this show or other shows.
Thanks for reading! :)