First and Main, congratulations to get to where you are, not everyone can break the hard ice of my heart. That deserves recognition because having such high standards you meet them. and which are they?….

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First, you have to talk to me and if the topic of conversation goes deeper or we agree having things in common (and we are going deeper still) you got me! How did you do it? You just were not an idiot praising me excessively in the whole conversation. 100 points! Congratulations, I like you!

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Second, the first values that I perceive of you are very important because as you show yourself this way I will consider you. Very important- if you were friendly and you listened to me from the beginning, you would call my attention. Sincerely be kind, generous and brave are things that stand out at a glance (and approaching me having an ass face is a lot of courage) other 100 points.

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Third and least important ... you are taller than me and that is enough. Having a population so short in stature (Venezuela), you exceed 170cm and you're tall enough for me. Know that I do not focus on this primarily but it calls my attention, so, you are more attractive to me. I say this but it is YOUR personality that is going to catch me, people with great personality, that you never know what is expected, it attracts me A LOT!

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Now that you generally know what attracts me of you, you are ready to know a little more about how I fall in love with you.
  The fact that you like me already makes me happy, but that you make me laugh, I swear by my virginity, that is what fascinates me the most.
  But I can not ignore the fact that you understand me, this is something very valuable to me, I look like a very simple person (unparalleled love for my family, desire to work, dream of traveling the world and more) but you listen when I speak, that interests you what I do and how I feel and how I think, sincerely fills my heart.

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Get ready for:

  • know the best part of me (and the most impressed to the people), my scandalous side, the one that is SUPER cheerful, that does not stop singing, of DANCING, of laughing, of being VERY different from the others, who loves parties, who sees music as the coolest thing in the world and is obsessed with Disney movies: 3. This is the side that most should attract you from me (may not but I doubt it is the opposite). So if it looks to you like the coolest thing about me, we agree on something else ... 100points
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  • Receive the most sincere affection I can give (and the world ... humility: off). This is something I want you to understand very well ... the love I give is not cloying and much less cold, is the kind that does NOT come to light so easy but that heats up like the rays of the sun (romance: on), I do not consider it necessary to prove it to others but I would do anything to show how much * I APPRECIATE YOU *. You must be clear about how I am and what I can offer you. I'll give you a lot of attention, more than I give to the rest of the world and that's a lot (appreciate it please)
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  • understand, that ALWAYS GOD WILL BE FIRST, in a relationship he will be in our midst and that YOU CAN NOT LOVE ME MORE THAN WHAT YOU WILL LOVE GOD ... and I will not abandon the service to the church. The jar(a group), catechesis are things that I do not miss, prepare to feel the conversion as Saint Agustin. to listen almost always: I can not, I have a meeting. And it can not be missing, that all the time i will inviting you to go to MASS !!
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  • Have competence. It is no secret that I attract many men and the number of people increases depending on the population of people. Please do not think that I'm going to stop loving you, I do not change my thinking so quickly and less to a person * that I appreciate *.
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  • Ohana ... family for me is MOST IMPORTANT, my family has done a lot for me and I would do everything for them. Family reunions or meetings can also become more important than a Mass (difficult, but true). I want you to make it clear that no one will go first than my family, this will change a bit when I form my own family, but why not, if you want to fall in love with me more, win my family <3
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  • THE WORST PART OF ME ... This could scare anyone because I can look like with a lot of confidence and security with myself at the beginning ... little by little you will know that behind all the above, my biggest fears, insecurities are hidden. I seek to solve this problem but I am simply insecure and I do not have so much confidence; If you may recognize this part of me, you are in every right to get away from me and not to relate to me again. I allow this because i even dislike this part of myself and I am still learning how to handle it ... but if you want to stay with me and support me, believe me I will do the same for you and I will do it with all my strength. I would appreciate very much if we help each other ...
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have patience, at first I will be a normal shy person but with more confidence I can show you who I really am ...

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i hope you appreciate this <3 <3....THANKS YOU