Name: Mal Lenna Belacqua

Image by n a t h a l i e aesthetics, amazing, and fresh image

Age: 19

tattoo, rose, and flowers image satan, grunge, and black image

Zodiac: aquarius

book, reading, and summer image vodka, alcohol, and grunge image

Appearance: tanned light skin, big gray eyes, dark hair, long eyelashes, big lips, moles and freckles

cherry image love, couple, and black and white image

Body: Slim body, long legs, red lips, multiple tattoos

Temporarily removed fashion image

Height: 1,75

blouse, classic, and grunge image Temporarily removed

Nationality: Argentina

argentina image rose, red, and flowers image

Work: actris, model, member of a band, activist, writer

girl and happy image Image by tenderlygirl

Past: bad reputation, suggar baby, daddy and mommy issues, stripper, kink, bdsm

bob and mina image nails, lipstick, and red image

Love: bi

bi, lgbt, and bisexual image bi, girls, and kiss image

Hobbies: read and write, photography. traveling, dancing and singing, acting, ice skating, playing the piano, learning new things, swimming, partying, some sports, watching series and movies

Image by Joanna girl, nature, and sea image

Interests: art (paintings, theater, cinema, music, sculptures, dances, poetry), mythology, astronomy, animal care, feminist

couple, love, and art image champagne, drink, and party image

Pets: a lot

cat, black, and eyes image animal, flowers, and deer image