In this article I am going to give you some tips for thrift shopping.
As you may know, thrift shopping is a good and sustainable way to shop & donate second hand items.


Thrift shops
To get your hands on goods, ask your local thrift shop when they restock. I would also recommend going in the morning, as there are less people shopping at that time & there is a larger choice of items available.

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Be original
In thrift stores, it's also a good idea to be open to items you're not used to. Try a different style, you might end up liking it.

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Look closely at the condition and quality of the items you want to purchase. Watch out that the zip isn't broken, and that there are no stains or rips.

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When to shop
It's better to go thrift shopping when the stores are less crowded. I recommend not to go on weekends, it's when most people shop. Go during the week, and preferably in the morning.

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It's important to know that thrift stores won't have exactly what you're looking for. Don't go to the thrift store with an exact idea of what you want, otherwise you might end up frustrated or disappointed. Keep an open mind.

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A lot of thrift shops have bins, which are big boxes filled with random clothing items, and that contain a variety of styles & sizes. In order to find gems in these containers, I would recommend looking for patterns & colours that you like, because it is quite difficult to look clearly through every single piece.

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Season clothing
Search for clothing out of the season ; for ex, search for summer clothes in winter. They might be cheaper because most people aren't looking for them at that time and there might be more choice.

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When you're trying something on or seeing specific items in the thrift shop, ask yourself if and how you would wear it. Imagine an outfit with the item(s) and add accessories.

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Be patient. When you go thrift shopping, take your time when searching for items, this way you'll have a bigger chance of finding gems.

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I hope this article helped you, take care :)

Thanks for reading!