It was a sad day for Yoongi. This High School student get A's and B's, is on the School's Basketball Team, very Popular in School, in a group called Suicide Squad. In this Squad is : Yoongi, Jin, NamJoon, MArk, Sehun, Bakehyung, and JungKook, They are the Baddest jock in BangTan High but it's not a school with out a Drama Queen and her name is Lisa. Lisa and her Minon ( Her Friends). Her Name is Lisa and her Minons ( her friends) are : Jisoo, Rose, Joy, Seulgi, and Jessi, Jessi is the most scary girl in the whole school. Rumor has it that Her and Yoongi are dating. Girl 1: " Oppa! Is it true?" Yoongi : " Is what true" Girl 2 : " That you are dating Jessi??!!" Yoongi : " WHAT! HELL NO! Why would I date the Schools most Scary girl??!!" Girl 1 : " Because she is right behind you" They said as they run away from them like little chickens Jessi ; " What the fuck you said about me"

To be continue