Since the first part did fine

• Praying- Kesha

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Cause you brought the flames and you put me through hell I had to learn how to fight for myself I’m proud of who I am No more monsters I can breathe again And you said that I was done Well, you were wrong and now the best is yet to come Cause I can make it on my own And I don’t need you, I found a strength I’ve never known When I’m finished, they won’t even know your name

• Purpose- Justin Bieber

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Give it all you got But if it ends up happening, it ends up happening And it’s like I’m not giving myself grace I’m just like understanding, that’s just how it is

• Army- Ellie Goulding

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I know that I’ve been messed up All the nights and the fights Dark times, you could always find the bright side

• Fuck you- Lily Allen (to your haters)

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Fuck you Fuck you very, very much Cause we hate what you do And we hate your whole crew So please don’t stay in touch

• At My Best- Machine Gun Kelly^ Hailee Steinfeld

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Life is about making mistakes It’s also about tryna be great Do not let failures scare you away

• New Heroes- Ten

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Turn my mess into messages Learn from the lessons We all live for the day They’ll be screaming our names So we keep on keep on keep on

• Fuckin’ Perfect- Pink

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You’re so mean, when you talk, about yourself you were wrong Change the voices in your head, make them like you instead

• I’ll find you- Lecrae^ Tori Kelly

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I’ve been looking for a way out But I’ll settle for a peace of mind Picking up the pieces of my life and hoping that I’ll Put together something right

• Whatever It Takes- Imagine Dragons

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Falling too fast to prepare for this Tripping in the world could be dangerous

• Running With The Wolves- Aurora

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My heart still beats and my skin still feels My lungs still breathe, my mind still fears But we’re running out of time For the echo’s in my mind
be strong
things will get better