🍂 Travel to Budapest

city, budapest, and travel image
I want to feel the city where the roots of my fiancé are planted.

🍂 Get dressed in a DIY Halloween costume and go to a party where nobody knows us

ghost, funny, and stupid image

🍂 Have a real autumn picnic

autumn, fall, and book image
pumpkin soup, chestnuts, special hard cheese, french bread, apple pie, hot chocolate, blueberries...

🍂 Finally create a photo album

fall, dog, and cozy image
With a cozy blanket with a cup of cocoa of course

🍂 Bake something new

autumn, Cookies, and fall image

🍂 Have the last party on the roof of our apartment

friends, aesthetic, and alternative image

🍂 Have a cozy movie night

autumn, cozy, and fall image
I need to see Hocus Pocus again! :)

🍂 Eat roast chestnuts

food image

🍂 Discover new caffes for writing

Temporarily removed

🍂 Have a nice spa night

art, bath, and night image

🍂 Collect gold and red leaves, pumpkins, candles and decorate our home

autumn, book, and candle image

🍂 Go outside and see the beauty

forest, tree, and nature image

🍂 Daydream and enjoy in silence

donna, pace, and pensando image

🍂 Cuddle whenever an opportunity arises

Temporarily removed

🍂 Read one whole day

book image
...the only way to find the entrance to the magical world...

🍂 Go to a carnival

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🍂 Dream of being a witch

autumn, fall, and witch image
book, magic, and fantasy image

Thanks for reading, have a lovely day! <3