OK , so you might think i am a bookworm , and you are right ! I love books ,and so i decided to write about my favorite books and just about books in general .

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  • Leiner Laura - she writes amazing books and tomorrow there is a new book coming out , so i am so excited !!!!!!!!!!
  • Rick Riordan - he wrote all the Percy Jackson books and i have to tell you they were amazing !
  • J.K Rowling - I don't even have to explain ! ( She wrote Harry Potter )

- That's it, i could go on and on and on about my fav authors but i still have to write so ......


  • Harry Potter
  • Percy Jackson
  • A Darwin Jatsma
  • Fairy Oak ,
  • LOL
  • Shadow of the dragon

What i love about books

  • There smell
  • The pages / the small words
  • The characters 😉
  • The covers
  • and the introduction / info about the books on the back