In honor of Halloween, I thought I would share a local Legend, that of Stull, Kansas - one of the seven gates to Hell.

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Originally known as Deer Creek, the little town of Stull, Kansas was founded in 1857. For such a small town the cemetery and church of Stull have become legend. It is said that demonic forces possess the area as it is one of the seven gates to Hell.

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The stories surrounding Stull, Kansas have become a well-known phenomenon. Many people pass through the town in hopes of seeing signs of the forces that loom over it. Many of the people who have visited have reported of time and memory loss, beings reaching and grabbing at them - attempting to bring their souls to hell with them.

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The cemetery of Stull resides next to a church now belonging to dark magic. The church has been vacant since 1922 and it slowly crept into disrepair. It was once struck by lightning causing a wall to crack and fall - the church has since been torn down. However, it was and may still be used by those who practice the occult.

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The locals ignore the stories that surround their small town, however, no one is willing to find out the truth. The stories first became known in 1974 when a student at the university near the town published the lore in a local newspaper. Sparking the curiosity of many to visit the cemetery in search of the truth behind the myth.

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These stories are that of the occult and the horrendous crimes that took place there. One of those instances being that a young stable boy murdered the unofficial mayor of the town in an old barn that would later become the church. The church was therefore not erected on hallowed ground, but instead on blackened earth. Further cursing the land in the 1900's, a young boy was burned to death by his father in the cemetery. It is said that before the church was destroyed a simple decaying crucifix hung on the wall and would turn upside down, bring demons to the earth if anyone dared enter.

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Legends tell that the stairs to Hell only appear on Halloween as they are hidden - covered by a seal that holds back the evil below. Those who manage to find the stairs are doomed to never return - their souls lost forever. Those who dare to descend the stairs that are hidden behind the church when the seal is in place report that they have no memory of what happened during the two weeks that it is reported to have taken them to return back to the land of the living.

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It is said that witches held black masses in the church in honor of their fallen sisters that were hung there. They were hung in the large tree that once stood there, its roots entangled in a broken headstone belonging to their fallen sister - a lover to the Devil.

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It is said that the Devil himself appears when the seal is broken, emerging from the gate twice a year - once on the spring equinox and once at the witching hour on All Hallow's Eve.

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He appears at night to gather the spirits of those who died violent deaths that year, welcoming them to one last dance around the earth, bringing evil with them.

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Legend says that the Dark Prince also comes to visit the grave of his lost love and to visit the spirit of the son that was never able to live. The spirit of his witch will appear where she died hanging from the tree that has now been destroyed. Their son a deformed monster - a werewolf type creature that hides in the shadows of the trees.

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The questions still remains if any of these legends are true. Locals have cast out those who wish to dare to view the dark practices that take place on Halloween. A mysterious group of people have been reported to guard the town from outsiders - is this in an attempt to keep the dark forces that possess the town from entering the world? Or is it merely superstition? Is this all simply a fabricated story from a young student?

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We may never know what the small town of Stull hides, however, there is always some truth to legends. Do you dare to be the one to go looking for the truth?

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_This article was written by @bailey_marie_king on the We Heart It Writers Team._