Hi guys! Here I'm again…

So today I decided to do something completely different than I usually do. I decided to do a bucket list and it won’t be a standard one like travel the world and go to a concert and that kind of stuff. There might be a bit standard things in it but they’re just things I want to do so let’s do this!

• I want to skydive
• I want to get a lot of tattoos
• I would love to go on a safari
• I would love to swim with turtles

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• I would love to have my own concert
• I want to do something for my parents
• I want to buy my own house someday
• I want to make a road trip with people who would love to join

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• I want to make amazing stories in a book someday
• I would love to inspire people with my stories/little things that I wrote
• I would love to travel last minute not knowing where to
• I would love to meet new people from different cultures
• I want to see him again

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Okay let’s go to some weirder things I would like to do someday.
• I want to go to a stranger and kiss him/her
• I want to ask a stranger on a date

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And there is so much more that I want to do, so maybe I’ll make a part two of this if you guys liked it!
So hope you guys liked it! And see you in my next article…