Hey, you, lovely people! ♡
Every body is beautiful, but I know how it feels when you have gained a little weight and now you wanna be in shape again.

Reminder I.: the food is friend, not the enemy.
Reminder II.: you're always beautiful.
Reminder III.: you can do it!

Okaay, let's get started.

1. training

Sooo i do this routine twice, every week. I always make the mistake of having plenty of time before the usual training time. Do not do this.😂

1. warm - up
2. push up [20]
3. weight pressure [20-20]
4. shoulder press [20]
5. squat [30]
6. wall squat [60 second]
7. plank [30 second]
8. stretching

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2. fitness motivation
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3. fitness clothes
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Endurance and good workout my sweethearts!
xoxo Lilla