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So today's article is about "If I were a princess". The pasts weeks I've seen a lot of "If I were..." articles and I though it would be fun doing it too. Since I was a little girl I always liked princesses, but as time goes by the princesses have changed and so their values. Nnowadays princesses are not 'weak' anymore, they're strong girls who follow their insticts and reject traditional aesthetics.

Ok once said that, let's start the article.

Name: Grace

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Meaning: It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Grace is "favor, blessing".

Age: 20


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She has long brown hair & brown eyes, medium tanned skin and skinny but with her curves.


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White, gold and rose gold are her favourite colors. Sometimes she can be a little bit extra and loves glitter. She has black clothes and dresses too. When she's not on official events she likes to wear comfy clothes with a retro-vintage style and going baraefoot for the palace and the forest.


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She loves animals so it would be difficult just have one pet. But she definitely will have a lion named Pepper, a little pig named Stella and a puppy called Toby. She has a horse named Ezra which she loves with all her heart (as well as her other pets)


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The first and second one are the ones who Grace wears in public or on events; the other two she wears it casually because they're not that extra. The fourth one is a gift from her grandmother and her everyday crown.


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Baroque style, gold details everywhere, huge gardens with a dome in the middle fullfilled with all kind of flowers. It has an enormous library, a small room where she paints and spends most of the time. Walls full of paintings. Located in Wales, England.


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Her hobbies are paintingand riding her horse Ezra through the woods. She paints because she has a lot of imagination and creativity in her head and keeps her calm. Loves adventure, her parents call her a nervous system because she never stops. Her biggest passion is astronomy.



Luna is her best friend since they were a child. She's the daughter of the king's advisor. Luna's tall and with curves and she has the esquire of divination. Her hair is light brown with blond highilghts. Light green eyes and olive skin. Her soul is wild and they always support each other and do all together. They are each other partner in crime

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Lucius is a wizard. He has pale skin and dirty blonde hair. He is the guardian of the library and teaches Grace the history of magic & helps her with astronomy and to control her powers. He has a female white dragon as a pet called Safira.


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Damian, Luna's big brother. He loves art as well Grace does. He plays the guitar, the piano and can sing. At first he only sees Grace as a little sister like Luna, but as time passes he feels a great interest towards her and they end up falling in love with each other. What he loves about her is her intelligence and how independent she is.



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Sister on Mum's part. She is full of hatred because Emilio (Grace father) fell in love with her sister (Grace Mother) and because of this she never had the crown she craved so much for, so she made her own kingdom where she is the queen. She is a dark and maleficient witch. Pale skin. Dark green and black are her colours. A snake is her eyes and spy, the snake can change his color skin and thanks to this he can hide from enemies.


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Grace is a druid. Druids know the magical forces of nature, are in tune with it, with fauna and flora. That's why she can control the air, her main power. This power is very linked to his feelings and that is why he has to practice how to control them because otherwise he is capable of creating tornadoes.