Name: Cerys Jones
Birth: November 14th

Blood Status:

harry potter and halfblood image
mums a witch, dads a muggle


yellow, aesthetic, and flowers image Temporarily removed book, coffee, and flowers image yellow, hufflepuff, and book image


Image removed eyes, eye, and makeup image beautiful, brown, and brown eyes image girl, alien, and tumblr image
brown hair, brown eyes, splash of freckles


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed girl, grunge, and jeans image fashion, red, and aesthetic image black, outfit, and dark image fashion, style, and outfit image


pink, girlboss, and quotes image girl, hair, and tumblr image stars, glitter, and grunge image harry potter, hogwarts, and hufflepuff image


harry potter, wand, and ollivanders image unicorn, horse, and white image Image removed light, vintage, and indie image
Cypress wood with a Unicorn hair core 10 ¼" and Surprisingly Swishy flexibility


cat and animal image cat, aesthetic, and alternative image
A sweet ginger tabby: Flower


Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It harry potter, spell, and protego image Image by k

Favouite Classes:

hogwarts image harry potter image gif, hogwarts, and magic image Temporarily removed


animals, dogs, and pets image aesthetic, animal, and charm image
Bassett Hound


Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It girl, friends, and friendship image boy, icon, and tumblr image
mainly Hufflepuffs and Slytherins