Day 5


Today had my brother birthday party. Everywhere I look is CALORIE!
SUGAR! AND MORE CALORIE! My parents had an unhealthy breakfast but It's don't matter to me because I had a super healthy breakfast. Dried fruit -a small amount of- oatmeal with milk and cinnamon. Then drank coffee.

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Party started and my dad made a patty. I love patty. I didn't eat. :)))))
Cake, cupcake not interesting for me but patty. OH GOD, I wandered around the house to avoid eating! Whatever, the party was over and I put a smile on my face.

I didn't eat anything. I didn't drink fizzy drink and me proud my self!

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I don't feel tired anymore. I feel energized. in morning/night. every time feeling good. I cooked rice stick. It's weird but I couldn't eat more. I LEFT FOOD IN MY PLATE! WOW!

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that's all I hope you guys like it :))) See you another one.