Hey everyone, hope you're doing well! Today i wanted to share with you my 6 am morning routine as a college student. Before i begin, a disclaimer :

  • My classes start at 9 am Tuesday to Friday. To get to uni i use public transportation, which means one to one and a half hour journey. I hope some of you feel my pain.

Wake up

Okay, hardest part out of the way. My alarm goes off at 6 am sharp and although i'm kind of used to waking up at that time , some days are hard. I make sure to never hit snooze and immediately stretch a bit and get up. Since it's the autumn time i feel quite chilly in the mornings, so i like throwing on a jumper or robe and turn on the fairy lights in my bedroom. Then i wash my face and do my mini morning skincare routine.

rain, bedroom, and bed image room, bed, and bedroom image
Can't wait to come back to you tonight babe.

Makeup and Hair

Now i know, this might sound weird but doing my makeup is the first thing i enjoy in the mornings and it really wakes me up (temporarily, at least). Let me know if you're interested in my 10-20 minute makeup routine. As for hair, i usually sleep in braids, so in the mornings i just take them off and i'm good to go (hopefully). If not, i throw them in a bun (messy or neat depending on the outfit) or french braids.

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If only i had a bathroom and the makeup collection above.


I never, ever, ever skip breakfast. It's very important for me so i always make sure to have at least 20 minutes or so to enjoy it. I usually go for porridge with fruit, or eggs, or whatever i'm feeling that day. If i have the time i'll brew myself a cup of french press coffee as well. I enjoy having breakfast by my window, as i can watch the dawn and all the pretty sky colors. It really boosts my mood and makes me feel grateful for the day ahead!

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Yum yum fuel for the day!

Getting Dressed

One of my biggest tips is to make sure you've chosen your outfit for the day. Me rushing in the morning not knowing what to wear is a disastrous scene, trust me. Wearing an outfit that makes you feel good is such a confidence booster, plus it's one less thing to stress about in the morning. Also make sure you've also checked the weather forecast.

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Sneakily promoting my favorite YouTuber TessChristine <3

Final Touches

Finally, i grab my bag (packed from the night before) , brush my teeth , add a bit of perfume and i'm out the door at 7:05 to catch the first bus.

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Off we Go!

So that pretty much sums up my morning routine, remember each morning is different though. A huge part is prepping as much as i can the night before. As mentioned above, pick your outfit, pack your bag and prep your lunch / snacks, or breakfast if you can! It will make you feel much more accomplished in the mornings and you have less to worry about.

I hope you enjoyed this article and got some morning routine inspiration! Don't forget to heart it and check out my collection of articles and rumbles ! :


See ya soon,