You hold them and you wish that time stops so that you could cherish every moment with them.
You wake up and desperately wish that their name pop up on your phone.
Every time you see her, you try to make yourself open up and be interesting to strike a conversation.
Every time you hold her hand, you just want it to be more than that?
Every kiss, you wish that their heart would explode just like yours?
Every hug, you wish that their mind would be running in many circles?
You look at them with such admiration, you smile at them because your heart is content with all those emotions. Yet you wish they notice that the way your own eyes sparkle when you look at them, the way you blush when they say they appreciate you, the way you just wish you could kiss her lips. I've wished that they would do the first move, all the things I mentioned above, but nothing is gonna change. Everything comes from what you are going to do, and it is hard.