Day 4


I'm doing my coffee by myself anymore. It's mean goodbye Starbucks... (Actually, I can buy Turkish Coffee in Starbucks but I kept to the money for my travel dream) Yeah, you heard right it's new me!

Turkish Coffee like espresso.

coffee, book, and drink image


I went to my friends home. They had breakfast at 2 p.m (weird friends) I made a cake for them. I drank tea when they eat NUTELLA AND BOYOZ.

It's boyoz. So maaaaany calorie. I shouldn't eat the carb.

izmir, turkey, and Çay image

I brought my lunch meal so I ate that when They eating chocolate cake. -I didn't take even a little bit slice from the cake-


I went supermarket. I must get some food to home. Every I can get food is sugar full! Peanut butter -natural all- 0.2 gr sugar. And I left the peanut butter. I guess I'm gonna home-made peanut butter. I get dried fruit, fruit and Thai food.

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And I have to say something. If you tell your diet program or 'sugar-free' program to every known you ıt's easier to your follow program. Because Everyone knows 'you can't eat junk food, carb or sugar' and they prefer to go somewhere where you can eat. I don't know but it motivates me. My friends always say good thing like 'You're so strong' hahaha I KNOW!

Motivation Song

Lolo Zouaï - Desert Rose

That's all hope you guys like it.