Hello, I'm sorry. I forgot the write! Because of that, I'm gonna upload 3 article. (I bought a book for 'sugar-free' and write over there. I'm gonna share with you!)

Day 3


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First, It was a hard day. Really, I wanted to cry. I couldn't drink coffee because there was milk powder, in coffee. So I'm trying to get used to drinking coffee in the school.

All along day, I had a headache. It's 'sugar-free baabeeee' but never want to sugar! Already I'm eating fruit and veggie so I don't need refined sugar.


Temporarily removed

And I wanted to eat peanut butter. I didn't, of course, hahah :D But ate just peanut. I guess 100 gr ate that. Then I realized I can't eat sugar but eating other things more than before.


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I ate some veggie and stood up! I eat dinner at 5 p.m then I don't eat anything until I sleep. Always!!!!

I have to run! I waited for the run like 2 hours. When I run always had in my mind that things 'I HAVE TO DO BETTER THAN!'

This is 'new life' for me. 22 min. non-stop I run and 20 min walked. HELL YEAH!!!! (My other goal, 40 min run after 30 days.)

But the way I two-liter drink water.

Motivation song

The Fire We Lost -Teflon Sega

That's all see you other oneeee