Hi everyone!! I'm Marcy.
I haven't posted anything for a long time. And I was already missing this.
So, I came back with a lot of things to share with you. Here we go!

This is a personal Tag, about your life and things like that.

1- What is your name?

choker, dark, and grunge image black, blood, and vampire image
Marceline, like the character of Adventure Time.

2- Where you live?

Temporarily removed argentina, art, and buenos aires image
Recently, I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

3- Favorite food?

food, burger, and hamburger image Temporarily removed
hamburgers and french fries.

4- Favorite season of the year?

flowers, wedding, and rose image flowers, pink, and rose image

5- How many siblings do you have?

friends, girls, and friendship image friends, car, and travel image
One younger sister.

6- What series you like the most?

grace van pelt, teresa lisbon, and wayne rigsby image
funny, the mentalist, and tv image Image removed
Just the mentalist, it's the best serie in the world!

7- Sweet or salty?

Temporarily removed chips, eat, and food image

8- What is your favorite color?

red, aesthetic, and purple image Image by Aya Assellalou
Purple and black.

9- Dog or cat?

Temporarily removed Image by ☾ Angel ♛
Catss ❤️

10- Music of the moment?

youngblood, 5sos, and Lyrics image Temporarily removed
Empty Wallets of 5SOS and Miss You of Louis Tomlinson.

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All the love, Marcy.

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