Hi everyone! Lately I have been really active at We heart it, so I think that I should tell something about myself.
I hope you like it.

Who am I?

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My name is Iida Elisabet, and you can find me at other social medias also with that name. My personal instagram is @iiidaelisabet.

I´m from...

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Finland! I think it´s blessing to live in Finland, because we have 4 beautiful seasons. Although winters are really dark and cold in here...

My set of values & important things to me:

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I`m vegan and I think that everyone should try being vegan or consider moving to more plant-based diet. I believe in equality and it is really important to spread it. All people should be treated equally, reqardless of who they are or who they love. I also speak a lot about self love and that´s something I try to teach myself also more every day.

My style:

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I love fashion, and I have tried many different styles, but now I think I have found my own style. I don´t really know how to explain it in words, so these pics tell more about it.


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I`m a dancer, and I have danced since I was 6 years old. I also like being with my friends and I love taking photos and doing my own instagram, so thats kinda my hobby too.


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My number one dream is to travel and see the world as much as possible. I also want to have a job that I love, and one day to have my dream house and have a family <3

This is all for now, I hope you liked it!

Iida Elisabet