"With its delicate innocence, as they sail through the sky. Weave divine spells, this is how it is said in stories." ใƒผTulkas Hammer Pain.
โ‹… Information...

Her name's Flรนr fuar. But, you can call her Flรนr, only if you're friends.

It does it mean cold flower, in scots gaelic.

Physically, she appears to be 20 years old. However, her actual age is 1700.

โ‹… Features (as a human)...
girl, blue eyes, and hair image details, embellishment, and embroidery image
Ebony hair, curly. Deep green eyes. Very pretty.
sweater, hand, and winter image cute image
Earth tones. Long dresses and big sweaters with a beautiful pair of boots.
Personal Life.
book and vintage image art, embroidery, and mermaid image
As a human, Flรนr is a very artistic person. She loves to express her feelings by painting, singing, playing musical instruments. Her favorite activities are reading and embroidery.
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Flรนr works on a Tea Shop during the day, as a human. But at night, she must to work in her "fairy" projects.
โ‹… Features (as a fairy)...
watercolor, charcoal, and gouache image beautiful image
White hair, really long. Grey eyes. Almost angelic.
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The fairy dresses are made with magic. These dresses can reflect the nature around to camouflage themselves.
Personal Life.
girl, grunge, and water image autumn, fence, and nature image
Flรนr has a rare personality around fairies. While the other ones live next to each other for protection, Flรนr lives alone in the limit of the forest, near to the human world. That is one of the reasons why she feels empty and lost most of the time. As a fairy, Flรนr is very lonely.
โ‹… Tribe...
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The Pagans are a rare species of fairies. History says that they became extinct 200 years ago.
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The Pagan Tribe are mostly artisains. But, just a few ones fairies are magicians.
โ‹… Powers...
crystals, decor, and dried flowers image body art, celtic, and fashion image
The powers pf this tribe range from telekinesis to mind control, but their magical abilities are the greatest power.
โ‹… Wings...
butterfly, wing, and wings image fashion and model image
Sadly, Flรนr lost her wings during a discussion with an evil witch.
โ‹… Story...
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โ‹… Home...
photography image
One with the nature.
โ‹… Interests...
candle, folk, and pagan image alone, forest, and woods image
Do anything to protect her people. The ones that she love.
โ‹… Weaknesses...
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Flรนr has a big curiosity, about humans. And that, sometimes, can blind her.
โ‹… Friends...
โ‹… Partner...
โ‹… Dream...
eyes, blue, and light image country, dark, and southern gothic image
Live as a human.


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