alright so i'm gonna talk about the 3 guys and you tell what you think.


he acts like a man in everything
he works for his own money
he seems like a busy person
he is so polite
he respects everyone
he does many sports
he is so responsible

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he is so handsome
every part of him is pretty
he reads a lot of books
i like the way he talks to me
he is funny
sometimes i get scared when i see him so angry

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he told me that he has crush on me last week (i didn't respond)
i like his style the way he wears
he has a nice body
he wears glasses
he is a SINGER i became his biggest fan
his voice is so pretty
his last song that he wrote by him self talks about (how only god knows the problems he gets into, how people think he's okay while he's not...)
every time we're in the class i see him putting his head on the table or thinking
sometimes it's really embarrassing when our eyes meet.

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