Names of the Levels of Jannah
Firdaws — The Highest Gardens of the Paradise
Dār al-maqāmah — The Home
Dār as-salām — Home of Peace
Dār al-ʾĀḫirah — The Home in the Hereafter
al-Ǧannah — This is the most commonly used term in the Qur'an and Hadith.
Ǧannat al-ʿadn — Gardens of Everlasting Bliss
Ǧannat al-Ḫuld — The Eternal Gardens
Ǧannat al-Maʾwā — Garden of Abode
Ǧannat an-Naʿīm — The Gardens of Delight
Maqʿad aṣ-Ṣidq — Assembly of Truth
al-Maqām al-ʾAmīn — The House of Security