Stage name // name: Yu // Yu Jin Yuyan Kim
Birthday: Winter, February 11, 1999 (1999.02.11)
Ethnicity: Chinese, Korean
Birthplace: Daegu, South Korea

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Dageu, South Korea

Position: Singer, dancer, rapper
Line: 99
Languages: Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, English, French, and German

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medium length light brown hair and big-ish eyes

Weight: 56 kg (125.5 lbs)
Height: 158.4 cm (5 foot 2 inches)

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a mixture of different styles

Siblings: (half siblings)

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V from BTS
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Kim Lip from Loona

Instagram feed:

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sorry that it was so long :) also lets just say the pictures of the boy is Vernon from SVT :)

Idol friends

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yuri from girls generation
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joy from red velvet
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Tiffany Young
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favorite songs:

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seesaw -suga
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naughty boy -pentagon

We Go Up -NCT Dream
Teach You -Tiffany Young

Group Info:
group name // Cherry Blossom
group concept // a mixture of lots cute, sexy, fantasy, and others
fandom name // blossoms
fandom colors // pastel pink, cherry red, and white

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concept photos:

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cute concept 1
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cute concept 2
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cute concept 3
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sexy concept 1
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sexy concept 2
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fantasy concept 3

Number of members: 7
- Anong Tengsuwan (Thai)
- Kim Yoona (Korean)
- Haia Kurokawa (Japanese)
- Choi Yuri (Korean)
- Kwon Yejun (Korean)
- Li Hua (Chinese)
- Yu Jin YuYan Kim (Chinese, Korean)

Debut song: Strawberries
Debut mini album title: Strawberry Kisses
Debut date: April 17, 2018
Company: Pledis Entertainment

Dating: Hansol Vernon Chwe (Seventeen)

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