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name ;

Anastasia Astrum [19]


Ana, Asia, Stasie


girl, hair, and beauty image beauty, brown, and eyes image girl, tumblr, and icon image fashion, girl, and glam image
long wavy brunette hair, brown eyes, circle glasses, small tattoos and minimal piercings


fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, skirt, and outfit image Temporarily removed fashion, outfit, and style image
very girly, loves off the shoulder tops, likes wearing flowy clothing


book, alchemy, and magic image amazing, designer, and girl image tarot, aesthetic, and witch image witch, crystal, and magic image
loves reading all about alchemy, playing her guitar, using her tarot cards and practicing spells with her crystals


dog, puppy, and animal image Temporarily removed
Anastasia has a golden retriever named Lux who enjoys going on walks at the beach


boys, girls, and quotes image grunge, indie, and tumblr image sky, friends, and grunge image alcohol, american, and bad image
very free spirited, child at heart, acts how she wants, and will respond back if people talk about her actions


magic, potion, and witch image Temporarily removed aesthetic, beauty, and blue eyes image magic, potion, and witch image
Adeline Cruz ; blue hair, green eyes, amazing at potion making ; together they are an unstoppable force


Anastasia has 2 siblings an older brother and a younger sister

boy, froy gutierrez, and froy image amazing, art, and artsy image
Alec Astrum [21] and Luna Astrum [17]


night and bordeaux image architecture image
Bordeaux, Pairs, Europe