Samwell Dragonheart

Samwell Lancelot Theodesius Dragonheart
May 29th, Gemini

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Mid-long wavy dark brown hair, Brown copper eyes with thick eyelashes, dimples and a smirk permanently hung on his lips

Blood Status

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He's the son of Euphemia Prince and Edmund Dragonheart. He's basically Hogwarts Royalty


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He usually wears jeans with plain shirts, brings hoodies everywhere, jean jackets are a staple and he likes Vans and Converses. Everything he owns is high end and expensive, but he doesn't flaunt his wealth. When the occasion presents itself, he cleans up very nicely.

Personality traits

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He is incredibly smart and ingenious, is studious, determined, hardworking, but is charming, seductive, a womanizer, kindhearted, generous, respectful, positive, passionate, colourful, eloquent, charismatic, likable and friendly to everyone.


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LION - These animals are fierce warriors, symbolizing bravery as well as strength and nobility.


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Apple wood with white river monster spine core, 11 3⁄4 '' in length with supple flexibilty

Favorite classes

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Favorite spells

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Favorite places

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The library, Ravenclaw Tower, the Quidditch Pitch and the Astronomy Tower


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He has a Great Horned Owl named Atlas


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Biology, fantastic beasts, quidditch and sports, muggle music and American football. He also loves learning anything new.

Yule Ball

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Although almost every girl in his year wished he'd ask them to the Ball, he only wanted to invite one, but didn't build the confidence to ask. Jaime Rainstel, the only girl he'd ever liked. But at the end of the night, he finally found the guts and asked her to dance. And they did so until the music stopped.


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Sunlight, wildflowers, fabric dye, waterfalls and licorice.