I found this in internet and I don't have anything more to do so I'm gonna do this...

🌙What's your eye colour?

Sometimes in green and sometimes is brown, change when I'm hungry. Weird but true.

🌙What's your natural hair colour?

It's brown.

🌙Do you wear glasses?

I should wear but I don't.

🌙What's your favourite color?

Yellow obviously

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🌙What's your zodiac sign?


🌙Do you have any siblings?

I have one sister

🌙What's your favourite animal?


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🌙What's your favourite food?

Fries definitely

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🌙What languages do you speak?

Two. Spanish and English

🌙Where do you want to travel to?

A lot of countries, but especially London and L.A

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🌙What traits do you look for in a person?

A person who makes me laugh, who listens and care about others.

🌙Have you ever been in love?

Idk if it's a love in love but I had very strong feelings for a person

🌙Are you single or in a relationship?


🌙What's your favourite TV show?

I can't say only one. Glee and Skins

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🌙Do you have a job?

No I don't

🌙What's your favourite season?

Obviouly winter. I love rain and snow, I prefer cold to heat.

🌙What's your favourite holiday?

Christmas definitely

🌙Do you prefer warm or cold weather?

Cold weather a 100%

🌙What inspires you?

My friends, mi idols and my parents.

🌙Do you wear perfume?

Sometimes because I forgot in the morning

That's all, thank you if you read it
All the love x