I used to worry and stress when I didn't get an A on a test, I'd compare myself to all the other smart kids, and freak out at the fact that my grade point average wasn't as high as I knew it could be. I used to worry that I wouldn't get into college and I would be a failure if I didn't succeed in my academics. I feel like so many students nowadays can relate to this, and not only regarding school. They are so stressed and pressured to do well that many develop serious mental and physical issues, and some even go as far as committing suicide. The fact that it has come to this is absurd and completely baffles my entire sophomore mind. I may only be in the tenth grade, but I learned something more valuable this year than 12 years of school could ever teach me. I want you and every other high school teen to know that school does not define who you are, who you will become, or how successful you will be. Just because you get a bad grade in a class or your GPA isn't as high as you would like it to be, does not mean you are a failure. It doesn't mean you are stupid or dumb, and it definitely doesn't mean you can't make your biggest dreams into a reality. Some of the most successful people in this world didn't have the best grades and some didn't even graduate high school. Now, I am not saying drop out of school, but what I am saying is don't spend your years worrying over the little things. The pressure of high school, or whatever problem you're facing now may seem so important, but in reality, it is only temporary and in the grand scheme of things, it is quite small. Life is too short to not go out with friends, to not have fun and to not be happy. You were put on this Earth to do something more than just live, work, then die. So do me a favor and stop stressing over the stuff that doesn't matter, have faith in who you are, and as cliche as it may sound, believe that you can do great things and dream big because once you do, nothing in this world will be able to stop you.