Hey guys! My name is Marcela and this is my first article!
I don'tr knew what to write about so I choose a tag. That is the tag "30 days writing challenge" and I hope you like it and know me better!
So let's go...

Day 1:List ten things that make you really happy

1- Stay with my friends

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I love my friends and any hour is good to talk and stay them side!

2- Stay with my family

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I am so luck fot have a family so amazing! I love every single one! Of course we fight sometimes but in the end everuthing is fine!

3- Dance

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I really love sance! I felt so free and happy when I'm dancing and I love that sensation

4- Listen Music

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I start my day listen some songs that I love and this makes all the difference! Listen some good songs can change a bad vibe to a goos vibe!

5- Meditate

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This bring me so much peace and patience to pass the day. And obviously, is a great way to connect with myself and know me better.

6- Sing

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I don't have a great voice but so what! I love it!

7- Read

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Read a great book can change your point os view about so many things. Can inspire you, makes you laugh, cry and really change your life!

8- Animals

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I LOVE animals! A home with a pet is happier home! A animal can show you true and genuine love!

9- Nature

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Go to the beach, park, forest, make a trail is some things that can renew me!

10- Cook

Image by foreverchanged Image by minal sarfraz
I like cook but I'm still learning! I don't do great things yet but I like it!

So, that is 10 things I love! I hope you like it and forgive me about my english, I'm still learning!
Stay beautiful!