I'm going to do my ABC playlist with the songs that I really love

A. A.M. (One Direction)

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This song is personal for me and it came out in a year that was difficult

B. Broken Home (5SOS)

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This song makes me feel sad but I really like the lyrics

C. Crying In The Club (Camila Cabello)

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I like this song because it reminds me of the Niall concert, one of the best day of my life

D. Depend On It (Liam Payne)

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This song came out a few weeks ago and I'm so proud of the music of Liam

E. Ever Since New York (Harry Styles)

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This song reminds me my first concert

F. Finally Free (Niall Horan)

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This song was dedicated to me by one of the most important people in my life

G. Girl Almighty (One Direction)

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This song reminds me of Louis

H. Heal The World (Michael Jackson)

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I think this song has a beautiful message to the people

I. In Too Deep (Why Don't We)

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I know this band since 2017 and their songs are amazing

J. Just The Way You Are (Bruno Mars)

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I knew this song because of Glee and it helped me to love myself

K. Keep Holding On Cover (Glee)

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This song really made an impact on me, the lyrics are so beautiful and it reminds me of Finn

L. Long Way Home (5SOS)

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This song reminds me of my first crush and how beautiful was that time

M. Mrs. Potato Head (Melanie Martinez)

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When the video of this song came out I felt so identified

N. Nancy Mulligan

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I like the rhythm of this

O. Over Again (One Direction)

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This song is from my favourite album in the world and I love everything about it

P. Perfect (Why Don't We)

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This is my favourite song of these guys

Q. idk

R. Right Now (One Direction)

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I like to hear this before sleep

S. Something Different (Why Don't We)

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I met why don't we with this song and It was the best thing I could ever do

T. They Don't Know About Us (One Direction)

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This reminds me of the best romance ever

U. Up All Night (One Direction)

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Honestly, this was the firts song that I think with u, but I love it anyways

V. Valerie (Amy Winehouse)

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This reminds me of Glee and it was one of my favourite song a few years ago

W. We The Party (Why Don't We)

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Idk, this song always make me dance

X. Idk

Y. You And Me (Niall Horan)

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This song makes me thinks about everything

These songs are masterpieces, obviously I have more favourite songs but I would never finish saying them.
All the love x