in this article, I'm using the moon and the sun for symbolic reasonings.

Dear her,
When can I ever see a light? Mourning days after days, I slowly realized there is no other way out. Her smile is like the sun, and I'm the moon revolving around her. We both have our own troubles to worry about, as every few years, we meet each other once again, creating one of the world's most beautiful moments. We might never be meant to be, but her laugh bedazzled me many times with her charming rays.
Why I do always appreciate the sun after it has fallen? When she shows her beauty to the world, I would be too late to admire it. Yet when I'm ready to show her my shine, she wouldn't be able to witness her work of art. I might have fallen in love with the concept that through time, the possibility of them being together is reachable. But Time is our worst enemy.
Perhaps the universe made us like we are. So close yet so far.