i've decided it's time to reinvent myself.

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i'm single. and i'm single for the very reason of i need to make myself my main priority. so that's exactly what i'm going to do, and here's how i'm going to do it.

1. start journaling

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i want to document every aspect of my life as i can. i want to document my feelings when someone or something hurts me. i want to illustrate the beauty of a new place that i'm visiting or an old place that i just love. i want to rant about stereotypes and philosophies and about the cute dog that was tugging on his leash as i walked by and about little things that make me happy.

2. form a routine

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i need to make a routine for myself. go to bed at the same time, wake up at the same time. get my chores done as early as possible so i have time to relax. schedule my day so i have time to do what needs done. just set a routine so i can get things done when they need to be done and so maybe i won't be so exhausted all the time.

3. eat healthier/workout

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part of the reason i haven't been fully loving myself is because of how I've been eating. my plan is to cut down on so much sugar and junk and to start eating better foods. i also haven't consistently worked out in a good two years, ever since i quit sports, so i also plan on starting a workout routine.

4. think positive, not negative

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i've already started changing this part of me, and it feels great. i'll always try to start off my day looking forward to something, whether it's big or small, and this has actually helped me become a morning person. i love walking to school in the mornings, it clears my head and helps me get into that positive attitude i'm trying to achieve.

5. stop wondering what others think

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there's nothing i can do to hurt myself more than caring what others think. this is also something i have started improving on, and it's already made a world of a difference. i'm doing what makes me happy, and i couldn't care less what other people think of it. if it makes me happy, your opinion is invalid. have a nice day.

thank you guys for reading!

i hope you enjoyed this article. this is just a tiny sliver of things for me to start doing, but in all honesty this is a great list of things for anyone to start doing.

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also, i'm about to go on vacation but once i come back, i'm gonna start the 30 day writing challenge! that will start november 1st.

anyways, that's all for now. bye babes!

love, mae