name bella marie brymer
nickame belly, bell pepper
age sixteen years old
zodiac cancer


girl and icon image couple, love, and kiss image girl, black and white, and tumblr image girl, sleep, and tumblr image
hazel eyes; wavy, long brown hair, 116 pounds, 5'4, pink lips


Temporarily removed girl, friends, and bitch image couple, love, and goals image maggie lindemann, boy, and Maggie image
  • brennan brymer twin brother
  • sydney haile best friend
  • clayton baez best friend
  • roy herschel friend


fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, fitness, and glam image fashion, outfit, and plaid skirt image
plaid, tank tops, denim jackets, crop tops, belts, jewerly


funny, freaks and geeks, and hilarious image funny, chips, and mom image sex and the city, quotes, and charlotte image friends, quotes, and tv show image Queen, gif, and bohemian rhapsody image cat, salem, and sabrina image quotes, details, and text image friends, funny, and bitch image
nice to everyone, genuinely nice, tries hard in school until she gets bored, chill, doesn't overthink things, hates rude people, wrongly judged because of her looks, loves her friends, honest, really funny, always happy, loyal


girl, friends, and friendship image Temporarily removed matching, volleyball, and aesthetic image girl, vans, and skate image Temporarily removed cheerleader and girls image
reading, writing, sports, painting, drawing, eating, skateboarding, volleyball, cheer. any way she can express herself.