I did a previous post on my fall [korean] playlist and am back with another playlist with my American music. I hope this give you some cozy new songs to listen to for this season!

Get You - Daniel Caesar ft. Kali Uchis

couple and ulzzang image
And I’ll take some time just to be thankful that I had days full of you, you. Before it winds down into the memories, it’s all just memories

Slow Motion - Karina

aesthetic, girl, and indie image
Why can't I love you in slow motion, Take my time, Take away the pressure on my mind. Really get to know you. But rewind. Wanna love you in slow motion, why can't I?

Honey - Kehlani

aesthetic and shoes image
Cause I'm a beautiful wreck, a beautiful mess, but I'm funny.

Paris in the Rain - Lauv

beautiful, autumn, and inspirational image
You and I alone and people may be watching, I don't mind 'cause anywhere with you feels right. Anywhere with you feels like Paris in the rain

Rock With You - Michael Jackson

love, couple, and dance image
I wanna rock with you all night. Dance into the day. I'm gonna rock the night away