Now that fall is here and the weather is getting cooler, I've been in a great mood and hope that my current playlist will help give you the cozy feelings that these songs provide for me. Along with the title of the song, I will put my favorite lyrics from each song.

Slow - Sole

moon, girl, and aesthetic image
Slow It's okay. Not everything is perfect In a dream that repeats every night I'm scared. Where does it go? I always wonder the same. It's just too fast. I think I'm slow alone. If I were then, would I be different? Where do you stand Did you forget? They were good memories for me. I want you still.

Thinkin' Bout You - OuiOui & Wilcox

hands, couple, and holding hands image
Stop thinkin' bout you Stop thinking about you 아닌 걸 알면서도 왜 멈추지 못해 매일 이래 Stop thinkin‘ bout you Stop thinking about you 끝난 걸 알면서도 왜 But I cannot stop thinkin' bout you

That's Why - Baek Yerin

Temporarily removed
All those feelings a lot of sadness. Always you left me alone, me alone here; but you’re still there in my heart. You know, you should know. Why I cry

Under Caffeine - Stella Jung

coffee, drink, and food image
Right now, take a sip of coffee; be under caffeine. 천천히 녹아들어 내 몸에 그리고 눈을 뜨면 내 손에 잡힌 할 일들을. 다 할 수 있게 돼 버릴 거야 Under caffeine. 분명히 누군가는 단잠에 몸을 맡긴 시간을 난 어제 미룬 할 일들을 몰아서 하는데 다 쓸 거야 Under caffeine

Ride - Sole Ft. Thama

nature, road, and travel image
The weather is nice. What the hell are the kids out there? Come and ride come and ride; come and ride. Where is the girl? Let’s ride a bike come on the weather is nice. What the hell are the kids out there? Come and ride come and ride

What I Want to Say - Acourve

red, aesthetic, and vintage image
When I lay in bed and think about it, my memories with you are getting clearer. I thought it was going to be okay. Yet I find myself dialing your number again

Fall - Crush

Temporarily removed
Past the cold winter, a strengthless spring and hot summer, it might seem like I’m doing ok. But no, I’m not ok. My reality is a cruel fall without you. I still can’t forget you. I live in your remaining scent. Although you may not know, I miss you so much; don't wanna fall in love