I fell in love with him.
He fell in love with me.
This story has everything, but a happy ending.
It started normal, we would always talk, we had a good time. There was some connection between us that made everything even better, we shared incredible moments, laughs, cries, secrets, stories...
But it always happens that one of us start to feel something more.
In this case it was him.
Because maybe i felt some sort of attraction to him, but a few weeks ago, I had ended a relationship that left me in pieces and not wanting to get into another one so fast. So i reject him...
But he never gave up easy, he always fought for what he wanted, so he kept trying.
He tried to convince me, he was different, which i knew that, and telling me that he just wanted a chance to prove me how he really was, but i kept rejecting him.
There was fights, discussions, cries...
He begged me an opportunity and I begged him to leave me alone.
Until finally we stop talking.
The days, weeks, months passed and neither of us had even sent a message.
Until one day, missing those beautiful conversations I had with him, I spoke to him.
The connection came back right away but this time it was better: He called me and we talked for hours and hours, till early morning without getting tired, everything was beautiful.
The attraction between us became stronger...
Until another girl appeared, prettier, better...
The hints were now for her, I did not even appear on his twitter, he replaced our talks with her, he practically replaced me completely.
"it's nobody", "I will always prefer you" he said.
We kept talking but not as often. He called me but from nowhere he would end the call, and when I called him again, the call showed me that he was on another call or i would get the message "the person you want to communicate with, is not available".
The we stop talking, but this time, the days, weeks, months passed, and he didn't talk to me anymore. He was with another girl, and i was there, all alone.
I kept thinking of him, all the time, i would recreate our 2 AM conversations as a method of consolation but the only thing they did was to make me worse.
I can now accept a little bit that it's too late, that you have to take advantage of the opportunities when they appear because people get tired of begging and the most important thing, know that everything comes back, no matter if time passes by...


This story really happened, not to me, to a friend... Her name is Alissa.
Now to let all of this go, she is writting it with me, and she wants to publish it in wattpad or something...
maybe you are just asking "but why? it doesn't have a happy ending"

But WHO SAID that is the end, right?

If you want to read it, feel free and look me up on wattpad, we both are going to publish there.

The story is going to call "Broken"

We would appreciate if you read it, more than anything Alissa.

Thanks for the space and reading it.

Total thanks from: Alissa and Lily.