It's me, ya gorl (dead meme but w/e), sorry for being gone!

I hope you're not tired of all these fall articles yet haha, I'm personally nowhere near tired of them. I've already started decorating my room and I'm super excited!

1. Read A Book

book, coffee, and autumn image Image by ᴊ ᴏ ᴄ ᴇ ʟʏ ɴ ☾
Sure this one is kinda common, but it's really comforting.

2. Make Some Tea

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Oof yes pls, I love tea!! Especially with a tiny bit of sweetener.

3. Cook Something With Seasonal Foods

apple, apples, and autumn image autumn colors, food photography, and pumpkins image
Like maybe an apple pie or roasted squash, some real faves right there.

I recommend these recipes :) (this one is also good if you just put everything on a bed of mixed greens for something lighter)

4. Go On A Hike

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If you're not scared of a little rain then go out and get some fresh air! Maybe pick up some leaves to press.

5. Indoor Picnic

autumn, fall, and leaves image autumn, fall, and book image
Crack open a window and lay a blanket out on the floor, listen to the rain while you eat! (I highly suggest inviting a friend over for this.)

6. Rearrange/ Decorate Your Room

autumn, fall, and lights image bedroom, fall, and Halloween image
I recently rearranged my room and decorated it so now it's spooky and cozy!

7. Autumn Crafts

autumn, crafts, and fall image autumn, candles, and cozy image
Bujo, or small cozy crafts are a good way to keep your mind and hands busy.

8. Go To A Coffee Shop

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Sit down, enjoy a chai latte, maybe even grab a friend, or a book, or study.

9. Take A Nap

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Can you tell I'm running out of ideas? Haha, regardless, if you're feeling tired or bored then crack your window open, crawl under your covers and let yourself doze off for a bit.

10. Write An Article/ Start A Blog

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Start your own blog, make a wattpad account, or write an article on WHI (I can confirm that doing this on a rainy day will kill time c; )