I always wondered why it never worked out. Why we weren't
like Romeo and Juliet. Why you were always so hard to reach.

Loving you wasn't easy, not like I had seen in movies or stories.
But I wanted us to be the him and her. And honestly...we were that.
Or have you forgotten all the crazy things we did to be together?

I miss feeling your heart beating, and I miss you feeling mine.
When you'd rest your head on my chest and unravel all your thoughts to me.
It's been really difficult without you, but I still keep marching on. With
the hope that we'll talk again someday.

I've dealt with my past, burned some bridges, shattered a few windows and
closed many doors. And although you're not here, you're still in my thoughts. Never in the past.

We're both young but sometimes I feel like everything is ending, life is so fragile
and the thought of spending my life without you horrifies me every day.
I have a lot of love to give you, but what is it's worth if you're not here?