i'm currently in my freshman year of high school, and i have many aspirations and goals! i want to share them here to inspire others looking for goals.

☐ maintain good grades

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this one is a bit of a stretch, but i still want to make this possible! good grades are very important to me and i believe that if i work hard i can achieve this goal.

☐ get pretty notes

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this kind of relates to the previous goal, but I want to start improving smaller things like my handwriting. I think that writing pretty notes will help with that.

☐ make more friends

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i love meeting new people, but i've never really had a group of best friends. i'm hoping that i can make some in high school.

☐ travel more

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i've been to quite a few countries, but i would like to travel a lot more, maybe with friends or even by myself. some places i would want to go to are: austria and south korea. i also want to go back to japan.

☐ attend more bts concerts

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this one pertains to me specifically (and other army!), but it is also very special to me. i have already seen bts in concert at citifield, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I'm looking forward to hopefully attending a few more concerts!

☐ learn to cook

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as i'm now a teenager, i want to learn to do many home responsibilities. one of which being: cooking. i've always wanted to learn to make nice dishes and desserts to feed my friends and family!

☐ change my hairstyle

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i've been wanting to change my hairstyle for a long time, whether it be shorter hair, or longer hair with bangs. i'm thinking about getting bangs, though i'm not sure if i look good in them.

this is it! i have a few more goals, but these are the main ones. maybe i'll make a part two haha.