S#aFLA is VINE Entertainment's new 4 member girl group, who made their debut on the 18th of October. The name (pronounced Shafla/Shapla) stands for Sharp and Flat and represents the 5 black keys on they keyboard often associated with Korean music and the sophisticated sound in foreing music. The girls were selected based on their sophisticated looks, outstanding vocals and performance skills, and different backgrounds.
The group aims to follow in the footsteps of Sistar and Mamamoo.

Sun (Hwang Jisun, 10.17.1989): Leader, lead vocal and sub-rapper.
Prior to any of her debuts, Jisun won the Grand Prize for Creative Choreography at the 19th Annual Arts Festival in 2006. She also won a prize at the Youth Festival in Gangdong among many others, even national contests. She later would release pre-debut dance videos with fellow Girls Day member Jihae, which would gather some interest for the group's debut.

Jisun made her debut as one of the original members and main dancer of Girls Day. In September 2010, the agency announced she had been removed from the group at her own will, so she could re-debut in the furture after following more vocal and dance training. An official from Global Arts (one of New F.O's companies) later stated she had decided to leave Girls Day as she felt that the music she wanted to do and the music New F.O was supposed to do matched better. In 2012, Jisun confirmed this for herself in an interview.
She re-debuted in New F.O in 2011 under the name JN as their leader and vocalist. The group created some buzz after their main vocalist performed a song on Time Square in New York and with the revelation of Danah being the sister of Tagoon from BoM (Mino from Winner). Unfortunately, the group did not manage to make enough of an impact with their debut for their companies to want to continue with them. They disbanded in 2012.
In 2017, it was reported Jisun was considering participating on The Unit. At first, the agency (Vine) sid nothing had been decided yet, but not much later Jisun was one of the confirmed contestants. She was eliminated during the auditions round.

Soo (Soohyeon, Kim Seunghyun, 04.19.1988): Main vocal.
Soohyeon first made her debut as Yena in Maroo Entertainment's girl group 1PS back in 2014 as their leader, vocalist and dancer. As the leader and the longest trainee at the Maroo at the time, she helped pick out the members for the group. All 4 members showed capability of being a main vocal and she once stated that the group would switch main vocal for every song, so everyone got to shine and 1PS could show different images of themselves. The group, however, disbanded after one promotional single and one OST.
In February 2015, it was revelaed by Maroo that Soohyeon had been casted for the musical '해를 품은 달'.
She graduated from Seoul National University of Fine Arts and Music majored on the gayageum, a traditonal Korean instrument.

Kee (Jeong Seulgi, 05.12.1990): Sub-vocal and maknae.
Seulgi appeared on Superstar K in 2009, where she was confirmed to join the top 10, but left the show. She joined Brand New Stardom (later to be named Stardom Entertainment and currently Hunus) and announced her solo debut with the song After Place in 2010. She released some albums under the company, but left or was let go in 2011. She then did not release any music until she joined AARON Entertainment in 2016. Her career under this company did not last that long either as she only released the promotional single U&I under the company. The company stopped promoting her in 2017.

Jin (Jung Yoojin, 10.23.1989): Main rapper and sub-vocal.
Yoojin, a former YG Entertainment trainee who trained to be in their new girl group but left in February 2012, used to be part of D-UNIT under the name UJin. D-UNIT was a three member hiphop girl group who made their debut with I'm Missin' You under D-Bussiness Entertainment in 2012. She left the group in 2013 after her contract ended and she for personal reasons did not want a renewal. However, the company did not reveal that her contract had ended, but instead stated she had been rude towards the company and her fellow members and had said she didn't want to promote with them anymore. This caused many fights within their fandom.
In 2016, she returned to the music scene as soloist HIA by uploading a cover of Justin Bieber's Sorry to her own Youtube channel. She also announced a solo debut, but never followed up on it.
In 2017, she appeared on YG Entertainment trainee survival show MIXNINE, but did not make it past the audition.

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