this will be a serie of people/characters who inspired me to improve myself, and they're really close to my heart & idk, just want to share that.


-from my hero academia-

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look at him!! he's adorable!!
he's one of my all time favorite character & he inspires me so much bc :
  • he never gave up his dreams.
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even when he was quirkless & everyone told him he would never be a hero, he trusted himself and kept working. through the whole serie he keeps his dream of becoming the n.1 hero.
i find it so inspiring, it makes me want to work hard and to have dreams even though they seem impossible to achieve.

  • he's so hard-working.
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he worked like 10x more than the others & all this work payed and got him at the n.1 hero place. he's there only thanks to his hard work & motivation.
this motivates me so much bc, well i'm lazy af, and bc we don't always see the results of our work but that doesn't me they aren't there !

  • his kindness & innocence
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he's one of the cutest & sweetest charcater. even when people are being shit with him (* cough Bakugo cough *) he's still adorable with them 'cause he just can't be mean.
i really look up his kindness & ability to just love everyone. ik that being too kind is sometimes seen as a flaw but i really see it as a good thing and i hope i'll someday be a ray of sunshine like him. he warms everyone's heart and gives kindness, that's inspiring.

  • he's sensitive
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we see him crying ; bc he's sad, bc he's happy, bc he's hurt... and that's okay, that's actually so pure to be able to express these emotions so much.
i'm the kind of person that keeps everything to myself & i really want to change that, i want to be able to express what i feel & to share it with others. that's a power to me; that's a quality.

well that's it, there are probably many more reasons but these are the main ones :) hope you liked it, i'll do others soon
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take care, love you <3

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