Hello everyone,
I would love to start my official writing with one thing I love doing, and that is making bucket lists.

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Bucket lists represent different things to different people, since there are various reasons for their making. Some make bucket list of things they want to do at some point in their life, it’s only a matter of what or where, not when.These lists contain less or more unrealistic goals, which end up as just words written on a paper.

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With no concrete plan, things like these end up useless.

On the other hand, some people make bucket lists at the start of every something (year, school year, Summer break). To those people, the when part is also very important, and it mostly represents a certain period, for example, till the end of that year, or Summer.
Unfortunately, as we are familiar by probably doing this at least once in our lives, things written on those lists mostly don't end up completed, which is why there is always a next year to make a new list, which contains at least 50% of the previous one. For the luck of those who created this concept, there are people who actually use them as they should. They indeed are in small numbers, but exist nonetheless.

For me, a bucket list represents a list of goals and plans a person wishes to achieve.
The points made in the list can, but don’t necessarily have to, be detailed. You can write things such as get a tan, or get tanned every day this summer. That depends on a person, and it’s something I’ll get back to when I actually talk about how to make a list fit for your personality.

One thing a bucket list shouldn’t be is an object to make you self conscious, or make you feel bad about yourself, because the things you put there that aren’t doable for you. Which is why it is important to be realistic about things you come up with. Yeah, traveling the world is a genius thing to do, and someone may be able to achieve it, lucky them, but for most of us it’s not possible, and that fact shouldn’t make us feel bad.

With this being said, I would like to start on how to actually make a bucket list.

Step one

First thing you should decide on, before starting the list, is what period of time it will account for.
As I said, you could write a long term bucket list, although I am a fan of short term ones, and they are going to be my main focus in this article.
(So as an example, I’ll be making my own summer list.)

When you make that decision, you have to ask yourself, what is it that I want to achieve during that time?
Think generally now, since you firstly want to see the big picture.
Do you want to work on yourself, or are new experiences you main goal?
Of course it doesn’t have to be only that one thing, it can be both, or neither. You can just want to do as much of show reruns as humanly possible.

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(although some of us consider this self-improvement too)

It is up to you. But I would again like to remind you to be realistic.
Sure losing those extra 15kg in 5 weeks would be amazing, but is it possible? And more importantly, is it healthy for you?

Now, for my list we can say that this Summer I want to work on my communication skills, start a more healthy lifestyle and explore what my city has to offer.

Step two

For a moment, try and look at yourself. Not at your body and face, but at your personality. I know that being objective when it comes to ourselves is often very challenging, but being true to ourselves is also a first step towards success.

  • Are you consistent or not?
  • Are you more organised or prefer to do things spontaneously?
  • Do you get motivated easily?
  • Do you enjoy doing things alone or get motivated by presence of others?
  • Are you imaginative or direct?
  • How high is your creativity level?

This next step is about the concept of our list, of how it’ll all look, and it may seem like your personality has nothing to with it, but it has.

People who are motivated easily don’t need a lot of detailed clauses, except if they’re organised and like to see everything on paper.

If we look at people who get motivated in presence of others, they are the kind that should find a way to include their friends in activities listed.
If you see yourself as this type, think about which of your friends, or maybe someone from family, could do this stuff with you. It can be more people involved in a singular activity, but you can also make a plan with that one person to do a lot of things together.

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Thing that can be a problem here is finding the right person, because it should be someone you share a lot of interests with, but the problem mostly occurs if the person you chose has a low drive so he or she doesn’t actually push you to do what was planned, but holds you back instead.
For the people who themselves have a low drive, this is a NO GO.

So when you decide on these things, always look for people who are adventurists or just have a high motivation level.
This last thing can be looked at as a rule by how important it is.

If you are the kind of person who quickly loses interest and motivation, be sure that your clauses hit the point.

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this one I strongly recommend tho

Do not make a list of lots of random stuff that needs dedication and focus, but instead focus on things that are important for you. Get detailed if you think it will help, but also don’t overdo it with constant activities.

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seem catchy, but doesn't stick with you for long

One thing I also found helpful in this situation is giving the list to someone who knows you well, for a reality check as well as to have someone to check up on your progress and remind you if the list contains some habits you would like to make.

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speaking of reality check...

As this post is already too long, I've decided to split it in two. SO, you should expect a second part soon.