Hey beautiful soul, I decided to write an article where i give you some advices to stay motivated for school and for your daily life. Let's start !

Be Organised

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To success in school, the first step is to try to stay organised all along the year. Clean your desk, put your school supplies in storage box or shelf or somewhere it doesn't look messy. And try to clean as often as possible to have a clean room so a clean mind to work.

Your Motivation

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To stay motivated you have to find something who puts you in a mood to work and to don't give up. It can be a goal like a university you want to go to, a job you want to have or a personal satisfaction.


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Focus on your own work, your own motivation and focus on yourself, don't compare your work to other's work. Don't decourage yourself because someone had a better grade than you at the last exam. You can always do better so focus on your work and go.

Last but nos least

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Keep in mind that you do your best to achieve your goals. Say to yourself that you do your best and that you can always do better. Breath, clean your mind and never give up. Stay motivated to sucess your school years and to achieve all your goals.

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That's all for this article, I hope you enjoyed it and find it inspiring to stay motivated.
Love you all.