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Thomas' Back Story

He lives in this world that is at war since he was born so this apocalyptic world is all he has ever knew.
I want the main caracters to be teens because even thought is a cliché I like it. So the older caracters are 19 since when he was 16 every one who was 17 or older went on na attack and none came back.
He lost his father and his twin sister the day he was born and his mother when he was 5. Ever since he was a child he knew he would grow up to fill is mothers spot as the leader of the underground.

Name: Thomas Gabriel Grey
Birthday: 17th of June
Age: 19


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He is tall, 5'11, and even thought he is very athelthic he does look very muscular. He has bonde almost white hair and greyish eyes.


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Although he is not a bad boy he kinda dresses like one. Mostly in all black. Ripped jeans, sneackers and messy hair.


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He is a born leader and even thought people listen to him he can't always put them in their place since feelings get in the way. He is very carying and loyal. Thomas would go out of his way to help his friends.

Where He Lives

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Him and his friends live in a apocaliptyc NY in an underground rebel comunity called The Underground.


Emma Burns

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Him and Emma are in love but refuse to admit it. They are friends since they were born. And trust each other with their lives.

Ruby Samuel

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She is genius and a part of Thomas inner circle. Thomas goes to her to talk when he needs.

Kiro Jackson

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He is another part of Thomas inner circle. Kiro and Thomas didn't always get along because Thomas was jealous of Kiro and Emma but know they are good friends.

Blake Martin

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He is like Thomas' brother, his right hand man. He would trust Blake with his life.

Thalia Grey

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She is Thomas long lost twin. Her mother tought she had died the same they as their father so that's what she told Thomas. At first he doesn't trust her but soon that changes.