It's been a while. Why has it been a while? Because college loads you with responsibilities. After the countless posts I've seen about the cruelty of college, I shouldn't be surprised. Nevertheless, it has been difficult managing my time.

As I am in Paris, I have more on my plate than a typical freshman. Have an issue? Better rehearse what you're going to say and all the possible outcomes in French. Want to wash your clothes? Make sure you know all the settings in French (yes, they're slightly different). The struggles of studying in a foreign country also make it magical. Some days I love Paris more than others. At times, all I crave is my hometown and familiar brands.

Other chores add to my balancing act. Seeing as I don't have an eating hall, I have somehow become a culinary minor. Laundry has always been a tricky endeavor for me. The task itself is not difficult, it's the anxiety of messing up. Just one dark item mixed with my whites spells disaster. Of course, the biggest obstacle is homework. Most of my teachers are understanding: we're in a wonderful city and at the heart of culture, we want to explore. But our one teacher is the devil. She assigns a minimum of a hundred pages each night, along with other grueling tasks, and packs our class time with lessons on various topics that we're scrambling to take notes. She's the typical college professor, but it would be nice if she were more compassionate. We're in France! We should have time to visit other countries and enjoy numerous activities while we're here. She teases us about having time to visit all the museums and compare what we read with the actual statues. Unfortunately, we have no time to accomplish such comparisons due to her fault. She's the main downfall to my time here.

Another let-down are my classmates. While they are nice, my peers adhere to cliques. I enjoy speaking to everyone, not cementing myself to one group of people. They decide to stay within their circle and hinder anyone else from joining. The upperclassmen are much more inclusive, so I tend to stick with them rather than my mean-girl-wannabe class. We're in college, is that act necessary anymore? Was it ever needed?

Alas, not everything is bad. I've managed to make two solid friends. One is from France, the other a classmate. We recently went to Disneyland and treated the kid in us. Studying abroad has it's ups and downs, but I'm trying to keep a more positive outlook. I've stopped crying at least!