Hi everyone!
This is my first post and it´s about the following: We heart it is an amazing app not just because all the inspiration of all the topics that you can find, also because of the people. Here are people from all the countries of the world and the best is that nobody knows anybody so I´ve been thinking about meeting new people through here. I´m going to post a few things about me and if you think that we can get on please dont hesitate of speaking to me! (I´m not english so if my English is not pretty good excuse me)

1.I´m a 17 year old girl
2.I want to be actress
3.Next year I hope to be living abroad
4. I love to travel and my favourite continent is Europe although I want to live in the United States
5. My favourite series is Skins
6.I´m feminist
7.I listen all kinds of music:rap,pop,indie,rock, etc
8.I´d like to have been born in the 70´s
9.My favourite animal is the cat
I know they are very generic things but I don´t really know what to say so if you want talk to me.