Damn Daniel, back at it with the "this or that challenge"
Anyways...... PART 3 IS HERE, hi! (lets get started now)

49). Swimming pools or sea?
Mmm, tough one. It depens on many things; if its to swim, a swimming pool, but if its to relax (like just watching the water and not actually swimming in it) or to be on vacation, i prefer the sea. But of course the swimming pool has to be clean (pee-free)

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50). Call or text?
I usually text but i dont mind calling, specially if its urgent

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51). Shower: morning or evening?
Evening of course! I love the feeling of going to sleep after a shower

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52). Truth or dare?
I always prefer truth because i dont have that many secrets and i dont mind telling the truth. And im also afraid of what my crazy friends might make me do hahaha

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53). Hardwood or carpet?
Hardwood for ever

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54). Bright colours or neutral tones?
Neutral tones

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55). Picnic or nice restaurant?
Somewhere in the middle, i dont like sitting on the grass all hippie and i dont like the idea of wearing super elegant clothes and having to behave like normal human beings because we´re at a fancy place

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56). Fiction or non-fiction?

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57). Smoking or non-smoking?
Non smoker

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58). TV shows or movies?
TV shows, always

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59). Long or short hair?
I like how long hair looks on me, but short hair is more comfy, and it also doesnt look thaaaat bad on me so its the same

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60). Nike or Adidas?
Neither, im more of a Converse kinda girl

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61). NYC or LA?
I´ve never been to one of them but i would love to go to LA more than NYC

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62). Black or white?
White, its so fresh and classic and elegant. I love it

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63). Pasta or pizza?
I like both, it depends on what im craving that day

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64). Gucci or Chanel?
Gucci i guess, i really dont know why though

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65). Sun or moon?
Ugh sooo hard! Both, i really cant decide! I love how nostalgic the sun is, but the moon, oh the moon has some sort of magic when you look at it. It never ceases to amaze me

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66). Samsung or iPhone?

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67). Phone or computer?
Phone, its more practical

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68). Blue or green eyes?
I´ve always dreamt of having blue eyes but i think green eyes are gorgeous as well!

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69). McDonalds or Burger King?

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(sooo hungry rn)

70). Books or magazines?
Books. Anytime, anywhere

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71). Skate or bike?
Vintage bikes are my fave!

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72). Pandas or whales?*
Pandas, i love pandas!

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Thats it for this challenge, i hope you enjoyed it! Here are part 1 and 2 for you to enjoy too

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