Welcome! Today I'm sharing with you my tips for saving money. I hope you enjoy!

1 | Shop at thrift stores

The clothes are affordable, and you can find very vintage clothes which is a popular style right now.

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2 | Start a change jar

I have one and although it may not seem like you have much, overtime you'll get lots of money. I put all my change in a mason jar at the back of my closet and I've made over $200 with it.

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3 | Sell your old stuff

Things like clothes, shoes, games and home décor are great because other people are looking for usable things for a cheap price as well. I recommend Kijiji, Ebay and Gilt Group. Just remember, never meet up at your house unless you have to.

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4 | Have a no spend week or weekend

Cook with what you have, don't go out shopping, you literally can just relax at home and save money because your not out spending it!

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5 | Go a month without fast food

I did this in June and not only does it save you money because fast food is expensive, but it also keeps you healthy! Win-win!

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yeah don't do that^

6 | Figure out a weekly/monthly/yearly budget

My suggestion? Start with something small like $2.00 a day, and every 5 years double that. AKA $2, then $4, $8, $16, etc. Then by the time your ready to retire, you'll have thousands of dollars in your account!

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7 | Get a job

I will have an article up soon on how to get a job, but the only way to save money is to have money and this is the best and considerably the easiest and most common way to get that money.

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8 | Walk or bike places

If it's winter, maybe skip this part but when the weather is nice this is a great way to get in shape and not spend money on gas or bus passes!

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9 | Visit Garage sales

Similar to thrift stores, you can get things like bags and décor for dirt cheap! Search around during the summer or spring for these because that's the time when the most are out.

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10 | Reduce your hydro usage

Turn off the lights when your not in the room, avoid using air conditioners and heaters and avoid long hot showers. That way your hydro bill isn't super expensive.

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Thanks for reading, I hope it was a help to you!

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