you might not understand whatever i am writing, but if you are nice and kind enough you can just follow me if you have wattpad, please love?
or if you understand, you can just read it.
it would mean so so so much to me.

the first chapter just got posted today and i am beyond excited

i just finished watching the notebook for 92749th time and i just want to wrap myself in a blanket and cry because it's just so beautiful. nicholas fucking sparks, i hate him for being such an inspirational hopeless romantic.
also tomorrow is monday and i:
1. am wasted
2. am sad af
3. need sleep
4. have a lot of unfinished assignments
but that pessimistic list isn't stopping me from watching x-factor tonight. this is a free country.
[raises flag and sings lana's national anthem in tears]
all love, whiskeyyy